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1. cZame" application


The CZame application is part of a strategy to optimize the traffic fluidity at the entry points of: theaters, stadiums, buildings, churches, airports, ski resorts and other places.


This application is not mandatory, it is used on a voluntary basis.


This application is completely ANONYMOUS. No information such as: first name, last name, alias, password, phone number, email address, postal address, gender, etc. will be requested or collected to use the application. No confidential personal information is required to use the cZame application and is therefore not collected on a remote server.


Each application is known by a unique anonymous identifier.


Each application, when it approaches a cZame device, is located near it. Only the anonymous application identifier is kept and located when approaching the device, via Bluetooth. In no case, can your identity be located.


2. Process and data controller



The processing of this data allows for  :


  • Identifying a user of the cZame application in a completely anonymous way

  • Allowing security personal who checks the user's documents to award Trust in order to allow the user to automatically pass through the subsequent checkpoints or, to the contrary, to disallow Trust at the checkpoints controlled by the cZame system.

  • Verifying that the user's application detected in front of the cZame detectors, has a code with a right to access, or on the contrary, that the user must be redirected with a controller.


cZame application users are never geolocated per se (Latitude-Longitude).

However, when the phone detects a cZame device, since its position is known, the fact of being connected to it is considered by Apple and Android, as a certain form of localization.


Consequently, even if the phone indicates that the user is located, it remains that, only an anonymous identifier is located, and that localization is performed only when passing near a cZame detector.


This information is available through cZame’s infrastructure for the duration of the contract with cZame’s user, in order to generate anonymous statistics for diagnostic, performance improvement and user experience purposes.



3. Data recipients


Data available on the server, which is totally anonymous, only serves to enable cZame device perform its normal tasks. This data is useless to any third party entity and, as such, is not shared with anyone outside cZame., except as incorporated in usage aggregated statistics.




4. Duration of storage


For the elaboration of anonymous statistics: the data is kept for the duration of the respective contract with each customer using the cZame devices.



 5. Exercise of rights



Users can delete data on the mobile application at any time. They can also delete the anonymous data hosted in cZame’s infrastructure  by unsubscribing with the "Delete my data" button and then uninstalling the application.


Should you have any question about the processing of your data, you may send an e-mail via the Contact us page.


If you feel that our data processing does not comply with the data protection rules, you

may send an e-mail via the Contact us page.

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