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Use cases


Innovative products to reduce access control costs for parking and to improve in-building risk management.


Czame is a smart access control system, that increases fluidity and reduces security-related cost.

Shop at our online store, where you'll find information on our access control devices and accessories, as well as links to our user Apps in the Apple and GooglePlay stores, API, and software development kit for integration with other browser-based and mobile apps.

Can’t find what you’re looking for and want to talk about reducing your access control costs?  Contact us.


The Czame team comes from different backgrounds that are rarely found together: Bluetooth Low Energy based systems design, presence detection, embedded intelligence, mobile application development, real-time data acquisition and servers etc... These various field of expertise have allowed CZAME to take up the challenge of reducing security costs while improving customer experience through a more fluid and transparent access control system. By providing a cloud-based agile and configurable platform, Czame can help you control access to your premises or events, gathering a large number of people, who must be given access rights.

Our target customers are corporations that need to control access to their premises via tickets, employee badges, visitor's badges boarding passes, member cards , appointment confirmations, reservations, etc...


Czame allows you to get rid of all of these control items and replace them with one virtual access right through the users' smart phones.

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